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Enroute Trauma Management

Helping paramedics make the right decisions to save lives.

Making decisions under pressure can be difficult, especially when lives are on the line.

During a high tension emergency response call, paramedics are required to make immediate decisions that can have dramatic impacts on the care a patient receives. Assessments are made on type of specialist treatment required, and if that treatment is only available at specialist hospitals. These factors all need to be considered while administering necessary first aid and transporting a patient for further treatment.

Innovation Partners

“Paramedics work in a high-pressure, time sensitive environment. We are pleased to have supported the development of this product that assists paramedics with making better care-related decisions.”

Professor Kon Mouzakis - Director, DSTIL

The Solution

Enroute Trauma Management is a decision support system that aims to reduce the cognitive load on paramedics, allowing them to focus on their patients. The patient’s medical state is analysed by an expert system that directs paramedic to the closest hospital with the necessary treatment capabilities. In high pressure situations paramedics may also consult the system on appropriate first aid procedures. The Enroute system is currently being utilised in New Delhi, India.

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