Doubtfire – Supporting frequent formative feedback for portfolio assessment. []

Doubtfire Learning Management System

Supporting frequent formative feedback for portfolio assessment.

Learning Management Systems should support the student in their education by facilitating high-quality formative feedback.

Traditional learning management systems are heavily designed around summative assessment. With the rise of portfolio units, a new generation of tools are required to place the student at the center of their education.

Cloud or online-only students have specific needs and challenges, and current systems may not provide tutors the tools to give these students the support they need.

"How students approach their learning has been shown to have a significant impact on learning outcomes. In teaching computer science and software engineering, students need to adopt a deep approach to learning in order to succeed in understanding the fundamentals of computer programming."

A/Prof Andrew Cain – Associate Head of School (Curriculum)
School of Information Technology, Deakin University

Our Solution

By incorporating burndown charts, gamification elements and targeted outcomes for each task, Doubtfire streamlines the entire student experience by making learning outcome focused.

Doubtfire places the student at the center of their learning, by supporting formative feedback cycles and connecting them with their tutor with written and audio comments.

Using Doubtfire, students generate a portfolio of their work comprised of their tasks submitted in a unit for assessment.

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Doubtfire is an Open Source project