February 12, 2019

Down the Rabbit Hole, An Adventure in Over-Engineering

Software Engineers are often presented with problems that seem conceptually straightforward, but on further consideration present a number of complex
February 6, 2019

User-Specific Device Authorisation with AWS IoT

Amazon Web Services Internet of Things (AWS IoT) is a platform that simplifies building IoT applications by providing infrastructure and
January 24, 2019

Type-safe Exhaustiveness Checking in Java

Disclaimer: This post is an exploration of Java’s language features and is intended to be satire. You should obviously never
January 17, 2019

Experience Working at DSTIL

Brief Introduction Hi, my name is Richard Alysandratos, and over the last year I’ve been doing a 12-month work placement
October 10, 2018

Human Emotions for Objects

Emotional Design of Wearable Devices (Part 1/5)   Introduction: Objects and Human Emotions We may have feelings for an object
September 19, 2018

Raspberry Pi Hardware Interactions Part 3 – RGB LED Driver

This is the next installment of our blog post series on Raspberry Pi hardware interactions. In the past two posts
August 29, 2018

Please explain? The need for Explainable AI.

Put yourself in the boots of a commander in warfare. It is your decision to drop a bomb on an
February 21, 2018

What’s the minimum amount of data needed to teach a Neural Network?

Go speak to a six year old child and ask if they can recognise a triangle versus a circle, or