For over two decades, the team at DSTIL have collaborated with
industry to solve high-impact societal problems.

We transform industries and improve people's lives by embedding our leading research within robust software solutions. Our engagement models are designed to provide the structure required to address complex multi-disciplinary problems, and leverage from Deakin University’s diverse and deep research capability.

Our Approach to Artificial Intelligence

For decades, Hollywood's exaggerated representation of A.I. has captivated audiences around the world. At DSTIL, we don't develop self-aware war machines. We collaborate with industry to research and develop A.I. solutions that empower people to make better informed decisions.


DSTIL have four engagement models that enable industry to leverage our expertise.

A.I. Exploration Projects

A.I. exploration projects enable industry to obtain surprising insights into their large datasets. These projects typically result in the team at DSTIL providing recommendations on how to implement A.I. within their organisation.

Discovery Projects

Are you passionate about transforming an industry but are unsure how to approach the situation? Discovery projects provide the structure to solve a problem by pairing DSTIL's technology with the full breadth of Deakin University's world leading research.

Innovation Projects

Once an idea been formed, Innovation Projects result in the development of an experimental software solution that can be validated via independent scientific trials.Post trial, these solutions can be refined and deployed into production.

Research Projects

Research projects bring the expertise of our PhDs, post-docs, and academics to explore problems that require completely novel solutions and deep analytical study.

Focus Areas


Deakin University offer their students a variety of internship and work placement opportunities throughout their higher education degrees. If your organisation is interested in engaging with students studying in the field of IT, please contact the School of Information Technology's internship management team for further information.